Mathematicians are People Too – Volume 1

51P4BWJW2FL._SY300_ My kids seriously love this book.  Mathematicians are People Too – Volume 1 is all about the famous mathematicians and scientists that made math what it is today.

Archimedes was found running down the street naked while yelling “Eureka!”  He had been stewing over a math problem while in the bath and was so excited he forgot to get dressed before running back home to write it down.

Pythagoras paid his first student to listen to him teach.  Later, he loved teaching so much that he created his own school.  People of the city were scared of his mathematical developments and set fire to the school.  It was said that his students created a human bridge in an attempt to save their teacher.  Students and teacher were all killed.

Young Newton created trouble when he decided to fly kites at night with a lantern attached.

And Thales looked for patterns in everything.  Patterns allowed him to solve his problems creatively – even with his stubborn donkey.

This fun book shares stories about Galileo, Hypatia, Pascal, and many more.  While reading the book, we learned that math didn’t always come easy for everyone but it is worth the work.  Math and numbers and science can be fun!  Love this book!