Death by the Book by Julianna Deering

9780764210969I am on the beach IN HAWAII with flip flops, a massive sun burn on the back of my neck, and Death by the Book written by Julianna Deering.  Paradise has arrived.

Death by the Book takes place in the summer of 1932 when Drew Farthing wants nothing more than to announce his engagement. When his solicitor shows up dead at their scheduled appointment, Drew is called on the scene to help investigate – again. When the physician turns up dead too, Drew is baffled.  Murders continue to happen with each one of them growing closer to Drew’s own home and the people he cares most about.  When the police make an arrest in connection with the murder(s) that Drew isn’t certain about, will he be able to find the one responsible for the crime(s)?

The suspense, characters, and story line is incredible.  Death by the Book is my first introduction to Julianna Deering and I am confident to say that it will not be my last.  Adorable characters with likable motives and a growing tension between them make this book a home run.


— Bethany House provided the book in exchange for my honest review.