“Made to Last” by Melissa Tagg


Miranda Woodruff is a skilled carpenter and host to the popular TV sitcom From the Ground Up. When her TV show teeters on rejection, her husband is the needed ticket to save the show.

Only problem?

Her should-be-husband left her before their vows were shared.

When a handsome reporter begins following her every move, will she be able to maintain her on-screen persona? Will Miranda find the courage to set the record straight?

“Made to Last,” by Melissa Tagg, was amazing. Cute, fun, and inspiring – just the way I like it! This book quickly climbed its way into my top ten. To avoid spoiling this amazing book, I will stop my review right here.

I walked away from this book with a renewed sense of what it means to be “made to last” in the eyes of God. It is easy to believe that our sins and failures make us less worthy in His eyes when in actuality, He loves us for who we are. God always understands the beauty of our souls because He is the creator of all. Melissa nails this belief perfectly throughout the book, gently teaching that honest living with our fellow men and God is liberating and powerful. We don’t need a persona to be worthy in the eyes of God.

“He said, ‘Pastor, you were ready to get rid of this old pulpit because all you saw was that ugly stain. But all along, underneath was a sturdy, strong wood. The kind of wood that’s made to last. Just took a little stripping away for you to see it…. Here’s the thing, {he} saw the beauty all along, even when the curve of the wood’s grain was hidden behind a stain…. And it makes me think, what does God see in us that we don’t? That matters. Because when all the stuff we’re hiding behind is stripped away, it’s what He sees that’s left. So what does He see?”

-Melissa Tagg, “Made to Last”