i-6zHPGpL-LThe “about” tab is where I tell you about my unhealthy obsession with organic vanilla wafers and my positively-awesome earring collection.  I adore foot rubs, jacuzzi tubs, Fitness Blender, and a plethora of thick covers on my bed.

Some people make plans to exercise more often, run races, and save the world while I quietly hide in my thick comfy bed with a bag of vanilla wafers and a book in hand.  I plan to read a book a week until the day I die… or until they stop making vanilla wafers.

This blog is all about books and the random thoughts that inspire me to be a better person.  Sometimes I talk about my family.  And I might even mention my WIP a time or too.

When I am not reading, homeschooling my four kids, or kissing my husband, I like to write.  Random scraps of paper float around my house and brain with characters I would love for you to one day meet.  Their stories are pretty awesome.

And just in case you were wondering… I always read with my earrings on.


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