Know Your Writing Tendencies

While I prefer the writing portion of story telling, editing always opens my eyes to my writing tendencies. Here are some of the things I have learned from my own writing as I have been editing this week:

  • I want to write happy stories that people want to read – but sometimes the “happiness” factor is over the top.  Statements like “he smiled”  or “she smiled”  or “they all sat down and smiled at each other” seem to pop up more than they should.  Too much smiling is creepy and a “turn off.”
  • I love the romance element of story telling… but I need to keep it on the down low.  As a general rule, I never venture past bedroom doors or describe anything that I wouldn’t want my grandmother to read.  With that being said, my characters don’t always need to be touching. True romance writing is about building tension and obstacles that KEEP the characters apart.
  • I have the tendency to overstate myself.  I say something one way and then flip the sentence around to say it again.  Say it once and let it go.
  • I like writing with the word count turned off.  I find that when my word count is flashing on the bottom of my word document, I start to write just to “get it done.”  I don’t like that type of writing.   When I turn the word count off, I begin to write more from the soul.

What are some of your writing tendencies?


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